Shopper Approved is finally here! Customer satisfaction surveys and reviews for ecommerce websites have been redefined with the launch of the Shopper Approved rating and review network. This service enables a website’s paying customers to post ratings and reviews of their recent shopping experience.

Shopper Approved is currently offering a 50-day free trial and other amazing offers to help you get started with gathering your consumer ratings and reviews.

One of the key benefits of Shopper Approved is that it’s extremely effective at gathering feedback, with nearly one out of every two customers providing initial ratings and/or reviews, and nearly one out of every three opting in to receive a full survey after receiving their order.

More and more website owners are taking advantage of customer satisfaction surveys and reviews to help increase both their sales and reputation. Recent studies have indicated that consumers are far more likely to buy from sites that have verified reviews and ratings:

  • According to a 2008 North American Technographics Retail Online Survey, 82% of people consider user-generated reviews “extremely valuable or valuable.”
  • Entrepreneur Magazine reported statistics that 80% of people say that their purchasing decisions have been directly impacted by reviews.
  • In July 2007, Marketing Experiments Journal conducted an experiment where product conversion with and without product ratings were tested. Conversions nearly doubled when a product displayed a 5 star rating.

As a member of Shopper Approved, ecommerce websites have the ability to display Shopper Approved seals and certificates on their website. With the customer questionnaires software, members have the opportunity to start building up social proof with the click of a couple buttons. When new potential customers visit, they can instantly view a variety of statistics, reviews, and ratings gathered by Shopper Approved. This information helps these potential customers to make a better, more informed buying decision.