The Importance of Measuring Customer Satisfaction

It is no secret that companies want to hold on to their customers. After all, repeat customers are a key part of success in the business world. The general belief is that it costs companies much more money to get new clients than it does to simple keep existing customers. This is why measuring customer satisfaction is so vitally important.

If customers shop at your online store or retail store and end up unhappy, then the odds are good that they won’t be returning. You have not only lost their business, but you have to suffer the potential fallout from others that they complain to about their experience at your store. These are some of the problems that result from the lack of measuring customer satisfaction.

The bottom line is that you want your customers to be happy, and the importance of measuring customer satisfaction cannot be discounted. There are a wide variety of ways in which you can assess how pleased or displeased your clients may be.


Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Provide Potential Customers with Valuable Ratings, Feedback and Reviews

We all know the importance of having customers satisfied with the ratings and reviews about your company and products when purchasing from your ecommerce website. But how many of us are measuring customer satisfaction?

Whether you like it or not, your customers are actively looking for ratings and reviews about your company and your products online before they buy.

By adding the Shopper Approved rating/review service to your website, your customers will be able to provide you with valuable feedback, ratings, and reviews automatically. You can then give your new customers easy access to this brand building information by displaying our exclusive ‘Shopper Approved’ trust seal in a prominant location on your website. Those ratings and reviews highly influence new customers to buy, they build instant trust and credibility, increase your sales, and even lower your return rate!

Measuring customer satisfaction is not as hard as you may think, especially with the Shopper Approved customer satisfaction survey software!

Here are some of the key reasons why you should add Shopper Approved to your website today:

  • Advanced Seal and Certificate technology, powered by Trust Guard. As one of the leading Security websites online, Trust Guard helps to protect millions of online shoppers from hackers. Shopper Approved utilizes Trust Guard’s proprietary seal and certificate technology in order to provide our clients with up-to-date, authentic, accurate information.
  • Outstanding Rating and Review Conversion. Shopper Approved is so effective at gathering feedback from your clients on average, almost 1 out of every 2 customers will provide initial ratings and/or reviews, and nearly 1 in every 3 customers will opt-in to fill out a full survey once they receive their order.
  • Instant ‘Social Proof‘ of your product or service. One of the most effective ways to increase your sales is to show new customers that other customers have bought from you and had an enjoyable, positive experience. Shopper Approved specializes in creating the optimal environment for new customers to be able to trust you, giving them the ability to quickly evaluate your past ratings and reviews, helping them make an informed decision.

By adding Shopper Approved seals to your website, you can provide potential customers with valuable ratings, feedback and reviews, exactly when and where they want to find them. By measuring customer satisfaction businesses are able to not only share this great information but it also allows the business to improve their product/service, customer support, and online shopping experience.  This is such a powerful tool in improving your business today.

Start collecting consumer ratings and reviews in just 5 minutes from now! You can also start a free 50 day trial or get access to the amazing Shopper Approved special offer. It is time now to start measuring customer satisfaction.